KCPOS Software

fully integrated accounts point of sale system

KCPOS is a fully integrated accounts point of sale system, designed for modern retail, wholesale, trade counters and hospitality businesses. Flexible and affordable, KCPOS will fully integrate with your back-office accounts software to create a complete business system that will reduce your costs and improve efficiency. With an easy to update touch screen interface, training is quick and easy and by utilising the latest database technology, KCPOS handles transaction growth whilst remaining robust and reliable.

With installation all over the UK, from corner shops to visitor attractions and supermarkets KCPOS can handle your business.

Links to market-leading account products Sage 50, Sage 200, Exchequer, and KCPOS own back-office software.

KC Pos for Trade Counters

Whether you require one till on a single site or multiple tills across multiple sites KCPOS is designed to grow with your business and protect your investment. Each point of sale site can operate independently without reliance on the head office for day-to-day trading but can send back and receive all information required for pricing, stock and transactions. Each site can then grow independently to match its own needs, and new sites can be easily and seamlessly added, as can webshops and new locations.

KCPOS work on a variety of hardware from pc based on Windows XP machines, to Windows 10 Tablets (32 bit only).

We offer free onsite or online demos of the software linked to back-office software to show how the fundamental system works, and how easy it is to complete sales.

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Looking for a Sage POS Paypoint Replacement?

Following last year’s announcement from Sage that Sage POS will no longer be maintained or supported from 28th February 2015, CADS has partnered with KCPOS, Elite Integrations and Kudos software to offer their market-leading EPOS solutions for both Sage 50 & Sage 200.

We have already successfully migrated many of our legacy Sage POS clients who are reaping the benefits of the increased functionality.

After reviewing several products we see that KCPOS is the most natural successor to Sage Pos. For most end-users, the interface is so similar to the Sage Pos that little training is required for an experienced cashier. CADS can help to take you forward from using Sage Pos to KCPOS Epos software and help you with the extra features to get more from your Pos for Sage 50 software.

At a glance, these are changes from the standard Sage Pos\APS Paypoint to the standard KCPOS system.

  • It’s now easier to see previous transactions at the till point for till created transactions, this will enable the cashier to look at historical till data, saving time logging into Sage\Back office. Good for people where they regularly get asked for ‘the same as I had last week’ scenario i.e. builders merchants.
  • You can create duplicate invoice\receipts at the till, filter by date, account, till number.
  • WYSIWYG menu designer, easier to add buttons, new layouts and functions to your screen layouts.  
  • Deposit mode. Till remembers deposits and customer information, but nothing goes to the back office accounts ‘held until claimed’
  • Additional reporting at the Till i.e. best sellers – based on KCPOS till history, instead of just the trading day.
  • Haggle mode, to see what profit making on a till transactions, to haggle with customer good for trade counters
  • Customer creation at Till built in.

    Account creation is based on the branch code/till number model
                  AA00001 will be Branch 1, Till 1 for first customer created on that till
                  AB00002 will be Branch 1, Till 2 for second customer created on that till
                  BA00003 will be Branch 2, Till 1 for third customer created on that till

Therefore if Sage is down, the system knows how to create with the correct customer number.

  • Configure A4 invoice/delivery notes to different types of sales
  • Create new stock at the till, using basic information, code, description, tax, category, sales price
  • KCPOS allows you to have price breaks against a category/group of products to offer volume discounts. The discount can be a fixed price or percentage discount.
  • Modern invoice design with logos
  • If you wish to have account sale invoices listed within the invoice module, then you have to manually update the ledgers on these invoices. Alternatively, you can batch import them automatically, in which case they will be posted directly to the account, and not to the invoice list, but not forgetting that duplicate invoices now can be reprinted at till point if required.
  • SQL based system so in practice this is more fault-tolerant than the fox pro databases that Sage POS/Paypoint/APS system used.
  • Ocius for PC/Sentinel Compatible/Sage Pay (Oct 2016)
  • Avery FX120 Scale compatible. Weights and Measure approved.
  • Support for Branch Cost Centre in Sage 200 applications
  • VAT Exempt support for Mobility Shops
  • CADS can provide a system on Windows 8 Tablets for remote trading i.e. Vans, Trade Shows
  • Gift Receipt Printing
  • Event Ticketing / Digitickets (October 2016)
  • Bolt-on point for £1.00 loyalty scheme ( add additional cost)

    KCPOS has other options such as their own back office for financials or commercials, Gift Aid Reporting, Membership Schemes. Open Cart support with KC POS Back Office Accounts